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The great thing about a menu is that you can select what services you need.  We can be your sole service delivery company or we can work with internal resources or other companies to accomplish your goals.  


Branding is an exciting process.  It takes analytical, creative, decision-making and planning skills to accomplish the process.  Scientiam Associates can manage your branding process for you and take you through each stage or we can become part of your branding team doing parts of the process and output.  Either way, you are getting years of business, creative and marketing experience to use as part of your team.  

Developing Your Brand Strategy

We will conduct interviews, review business documents, identify target audiences and determine your companies differentiators in the market to support the creation of a brand strategy. You may have this step completed and that is great, we can start with Creating Your Brand Identity.

Creating Your Brand Identity

This is the really fun part where we determine colors, design and writing styles and imagery that will make up your logo, tagline, business cards, brochures, and other business collateral.

Deciding on Systems to Implement

This entails taking your Brand Identity and transferring it to the tools that will help advertise your brand. This includes your website, social media accounts, advertising, videos, overview and descriptions of services, email programs and online industry sources.

Launching Your New Brand

Launching your brand is where it all comes together. The key is to have a good plan so it is not overwhelming. We can launch internally first if you have a larger team and then launch externally. This stage is all about getting you and your company out there for people to get to know you.

Extending Your Brand

It's time to build on the launch and create a plan to consistently build your market reach. This can include online marketing and advertising, local networking, speaking engagements, service video series, etc. The goal is to be consistent and then review how each endeavor has impacted your bottom line.


Do you need to create a new website or need a do over of your existing website? We are here to help you with wherever you are in the website building process. We can be your techie, your designer, your builder, your tester, and your project manager.  

Setting Up the Tech

Scientiam can get you started with assisting you in purchasing your domain, finding a hosting service, installing the appropriate software and making sure the infrastructure of the website is ready to go. We can do this whether you want to build the website or if we are going to build it for you.

Building Your Website

We will review your Branding Strategy if you have one, discuss what you are looking for and what type of functionality you want to implement in your website to start the process. We will first create the framework for you to approve and then move forward with creating the Home Page. Once you are happy with the Home Page design we will move forward with creating each page and implementing the functionality. Lastly, we will move to the testing phase and then go live with the website.

Testing Your Website

We can assist in thoroughly testing a website that you built or had another company build to ensure that it is ready to go. Working out all the kinks is a must.

Adding Some Pizzazz

Just need some additional support in getting your website launched? Custom graphics, support in adding functionality, a second set of eyes, or just some help to add a little something extra to make your website pop. We are here to help.


Custom graphics for your website, print and conference marketing, chotskies, videos, brochures; whatever your graphic or video needs. 

Custom Graphics

Tell us what you need. Logos, Info-graphics, custom icons, business cards, brochures and line cards (print or electronic), e-books, banners, PowerPoint or document templates, etc., are just a few of items we can create for you. We will provide whatever format is needed for output.

Conference Marketing

We can get your ready for a small or large conference. We design banners, print materials, social media announcements, chotskies, and custom table cloths.


Need an business overview video for your website or Youtube? Maybe just a fancy intro and extro for a video you already have? We can create image videos with music, occasion video greeting cards or just some cool shorts for social media.

Print Marketing

Sometimes print marketing is the way to go. We can design business cards, brochures, instructional manuals, document templates, banners, post cards and much more.


Over 25 years of business experience working with organizations across the nation in marketing, managing and implementing large technical and process projects and adding that creativity that makes a company stand out gives Scientiam Associates the experience to support you in your endeavors. 


Do you need advice with challenges you are having or assistance with creating a plan to get to the next level? We can assist you in assessing the issue, creating a plan to move forward and implementing the plan. We can consult on marketing, creative needs, technology, process implementation and much more.

Project Management

Need someone that can manage a process improvement, creative or technology project? We can bring all the players to the table to support you in getting your project completed.