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Green Egg Media is a custom software development agency based in Denver, CO. Founded in 2008, Green Egg Media develops crafted and custom software solutions to give your business the freedom to go in any direction you want, whenever you want. 

Green Egg Media has become a trusted partner to organizations ranging from enterprise-level businesses to small and local businesses across a wide range of industries. Green Egg Media specializes in custom software development, mobile and web application development, web development, e-commerce solutions, ExpressionEngine development, and consulting. 

Partnership Announcement

Scientiam Associates is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Green Egg Media. Sharing common goals and ideas, this partnership will strive to provide valuable solutions and tools to help businesses with custom branding, website design, graphics, and marketing visuals for businesses just starting out or established brands seeking a design update or refresh. 

This partnership will allow clients to enjoy a streamlined experience between the branding and design their company needs and the technical expertise required to build and maintain their website, mobile apps, or other internal software systems. 

“The Green Egg Media team is thrilled to partner with Scientiam Associates. Pia and her team are dedicated to delivering high quality service that is focused on helping clients reach their goals. Partnering with Pia and the team at Scientiam Associates was easy – our complementary services will provide clients with a streamlined experience from design to development and everything in between. Through this partnership, we are excited to be able to offer our clients a full service experience to elevate their brand experience to help meet their goals, ” says Megan Greene, Director of Sales and Marketing for Green Egg Media. 

“Megan made the decision to partner with Green Egg Media easy.  There is service delivery synchronicity when two separate parties come together and just get each other, integrity is at the forefront and they both want to provide the best in class to their customers.  This is what I felt after speaking with Megan and learning about Green Egg Media. We are elated to be collaborating with Green Egg Media and can’t wait to see how we elevate our customers through success partnering,” says Pia Civiletti, Director of Marketing for Scientiam Associates. 

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